Automotive statistics
The ECMD automotive statistics department analyzes statistics and long-term trends in the automotive industry. ECMD cooperates with the Eindhoven University of Technology, Polytechnic for Automotive Engineering and the Netherlands Centre for Documentation on Automotive History (NCAD). Customers are organizations like Bovag, RAI and SWOV. If your institute or company is interested in any kind of automotive or mobility statistics, or would like to have developments in the sectors mentioned above analyzed, please contact us.

Previous publications can be downloaded here:

(Brand)stof tot nadenken (RAI/BOVAG)
Mobiliteit in Cijfers 2006 (RAI/BOVAG)
De top bedwongen   (SWOV)
Mobiliteit in Cijfers 2007 (RAI/BOVAG) 
Active safety.
Percentage of the top 20 best selling passenger cars fitted with electronic safety equipment. (Publicized in Mobiliteit in Cijfers 2006)