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The European Centre for Mobility Documentation (ECMD) is a Dutch institute that focuses on projects related to mobility documentation and automotive. Projects are not only related to historical topics and heritage, but also aimed at the automotive industry. The centre, which name reflects the international scope of activities, is specialized in the automotive field and optimization of digital accessibility in all mobility sectors (road, water, air and rail).

The roots of the ECMD lay in 1998, when the NCAD (Netherlands Centre for Documentation on Automotive History) was founded in Arnhem at the Polytechnic for Automotive Engineering. Dr. ing. Gijs Mom, founder of the NCAD, noticed that many valuable collections of (auto-)mobility documentation were not accessible or even  thrown away by companies, institutes and private persons. The objective of the NCAD was to collect and preserve this documentation and ensure public accessibility. Within four years the centre grew so fast that the location in Arnhem could not accommodate the archive anymore and it moved to the Technical University of Eindhoven at a location now including a professional reading-room and compact filing systems. This move was made possible by generous donation from the region around Eindhoven. Parallel to the move to a new location the ECMD (European Centre for Mobility Documentation) was founded with a professional management, which was aimed to exploitate the available knowledge and information and to ensure preservation of the documentary heritage.

The ECMD is consulted by a wide range of visitors: car enthusiasts, mobility historians, automotive and design students and journalists. The entire collection is accessible to the public. One can visit the centre and browse the archive, but it is also possible to request information by internet or telephone. Twenty enthusiastic volunteers are providing help in finding the requested documentation and information.

During the last 3 years ECMD has enlarged its services towards the automotive industry. These services are aimed at longterm trends in the automotive sector, and news and information signalling services for the automotive sector.

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